Cigarette Smoke Odour

cigarette and lady with gas mask

For Cigarette Smoke odour removal, our process will be:

  1. Remove all source materials like ashtrays etc.
  2. If carpeted, deep clean the carpets to remove any cigarette odour.
  3. If there is nicotine staining on the wall:
    1. Fill a 1-gallon bucket with hot tap water. Add 1 tablespoon Trisodium Phosphate (also known as TSP). Make sure to wear gloves.
    2. Dip a sponge into the TSP solution. Wash the walls, starting from the bottom up and scrubbing gently in a circular motion to remove the nicotine stains from cigarette smoke.
    3. Rinse the sponge in clean water, wring it out and wipe the walls down. Dry them with a microfiber or chamois cloth.
  4. Run our BIOSWEEEP process throughout the house generating a vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ozone gas mixture to eliminate all odours. No added chemicals, our process is 100% natural.
  5. Finish off with our carbon neutralization process to bring the indoor airspace back to a neutral scent. The space should be absent of any scent at all.