Success Stories

Protein fire, High Rise Building

After 1 week of airing out a condo after a protein fire, the environment, contents & clothing were still tremendously odoriferous even though there was no combustible damages from the event.


Estimates were given to the policy holder to dry clean and launder clothing, clean all furniture, clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces, install air scrubbers, and then paint all surfaces. It was expected that the policy holder was to be out of his residence during the restoration and estimates to repair exceeded $20,000.


BIOSWEEP’s treatment took place while the homeowner was at work and when he entered his home after supper there was not a trace of the odour. No other restoration services were needed and savings were over $18,000.


Sewer backup, Art Gallery

An art gallery was affected by a sewer backup. A few of the prints were affected directly as they were on the floor, others were indirectly affected by the loss as they were consumed with malodor and bacteria. The principle on the file had received a quotation to pack-out, and hand clean all of the oil prints to a total of $250,000.


Enter BIOSWEEP. In a matter of 9 hours, BIOSWEEP had rid the entire gallery of bacteria and odours including the prints, and returned the property and possessions back to the client. Total cost of the BIOSWEEP treatment was $4,200.


Electrical fire, Department Store

A 100,000+ sq/ft department store electrical fire that had smoke go up into sub the ceiling. Very light soot but enough that air movement caused odours to pass through the rest of the store. Our treatment ran over a long weekend and 4 additional nights, deodorizing the store in sections. Cleaning above grid was not needed as BIOSWEEP can neutralize very light soot and take care of any threat of air quality issues.


Result of ceiling tile and grid being saved amounted to $500,000 in savings once everything was factored in including contents manipulation. There was a zero loss in inventory.


Savings by not needing to clean above the grid saved about another $50,000, not to mention the 2+ weeks of business interruption that was not needed.


Fire, Large Commercial Building

A fire in a large commercial building which manufactures hot tub covers. The covers are made of vinyl/leather and foam. The contractor did a great job of cleaning but couldn’t remove the odour even after running 100 air scrubbers for 1 month (approx $150,000)


BIOSWEEP ran our treatment over the weekend and the business reopened immediately the next week. All inventory was accepted back (over $500,000 saved)


Mould clearance, Apartment Complex

A 42 Unit 3 story apartment complex after a flood. An environmental hygienist was involved and deemed the building to be high in mould count. A contractor was hired to remediate the problem and after physical remediation and a failed clearance, they called BIOSWEEP to treat the affected areas.


3.5 days later the entire building was cleared for occupancy having saved the insurer tens of thousands of dollars by not having to do the remediation again, setting up negative air and Additional Living Expenses that would have been involved.


Skunk Odours, Residential Home

After a dog had been sprayed by a skunk, it was allowed back into it’s home where it feverishly attempted to remove the smell on it’s hair by rolling and rubbing on every floor and pieces of furniture of a 2 story home. The odours then affected the mechanical system, the drapery, clothing, and wall finishes of the home.


With an estimate of $12,000 in dry-cleaning alone, BIOSWEEP was introduced in the onset of the claim and for $2800, no cleaning of finishings, furniture or clothing was conducted, file closed.